2017 - 2018

Articles in Journals

A Critical Comparison of Migration Policies: Entry Fee versus Quota,” (with Lukasz Byra, Alessandra Casarico, and Silke Uebelmesser), Regional Science and Urban Economics, Vol. 66, 2017.

Migration when Social Preferences are Ordinal: Steady-State Population Distribution and Social Welfare,” Economica, Vol. 84, 2017.

A Class of Proximity-Sensitive Measures of Relative Deprivation,” (with Jakub Bielawski and Fryderyk Falniowski), Economics Letters, Vol. 160, 2017.

Consensus Income Distribution,” (with Fryderyk Falniowski and Marcin Jakubek), Review of Income and Wealth, Series 63, 2017.

Gender Differentiation in Intergenerational Care-Giving and Migration Choices,” (with Ewa Cukrowska-Torzewska), Journal of the Economics of Ageing, Vol.12, 2018.

“On Social Preferences and the Intensity of Risk Aversion,” Journal of Risk and Insurance (forthcoming).